dinsdag 4 april 2006


Ik kan er geen genoeg van krijgen, Wit-Rusland en dictator Loekasjenko. Over zijn maffe uitspraken (,,Elke Wit-Rus heeft recht op menselijke eieren als ontbijt.'') heb ik al geschreven, maar er zijn natuurlijk ook de grappen over Batka, Vadertje Loekasjenko. Om deze mop moest ik erg lachen:

One day Bat'ka is driven through a village in his limo. They run over somebody's pig. Bat'ka, an honest person, stops, gives his driver $100 and tells him to find the killed pig's owner and apologize. The driver leaves and isn't back until two hours later, dead drunk. Bat'ka yells at him: "Are you crazy?" The driver replies: "I haven't done anything wrong: I took the money, put the pig into the sack, placed it on my back, walked down the village street and yelled - Dear people! I'm Lukashenko's driver and I've just killed this pig! - and suddenly they're all running towards me, with tears of happiness in their eyes, and start pouring me drinks, one after another..."

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