dinsdag 24 januari 2006

De quote van de malloot

Daar is-ie dan weer. Onze favoriete prietprater, provocateur en vechtersbaas: Vladimir Zjirinovski. Oftewel: De quote van de malloot.

Deze keer citeren we maar een heel stuk uit de Christian Science Monitor. Dat citeerde Zjirinovski nadat hij in de vrieskou een duik had genomen in een wak (zie mijn eerdere bericht daarover):

Ultranationalist leader Vladimir Zhironovsky, wearing a floral-patterned bathing suit, emerged from his dive with frosty hair and flung a taunt at the outside world: "The reason Americans and western Europeans don't understand Russians is because they don't commune with nature like this."

But Mr. Zhirinovsky also implicitly acknowledged that much of the country's Soviet-era infrastructure had seen better days, instructing his chilled compatriots to turn off their refrigerators. Men should stop using electric razors and women forgo their daily TV soap operas, he added. And, oh yes, everyone should eat more high-calorie ice cream to stay warm, particularly the popular Zhirik brand - in which Zhirinovsky reputedly has a business interest.
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